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The 2nd Amendment Ain’t About Muskets!

I occasionally hear a comment made, or read something to the effect, that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, dealing with the “Right” of the people to maintain personally owned weapons is not relevant today. The gist of most of … Continue reading

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An Abduction Affair

      In my latest book, my protagonist is a man who follows a couple simple rules. First, homicide is sometimes the perfect solution to an otherwise irresolvable dilemma. Second, there are no rules in homicide.  

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Notes From a Former Spy Chaser

I’ll admit to having a bit of a fascination for spies. This fascination stems from having chased a few, thwarted a few and handled a couple during the course of my tenure as a Special Agent with AFOSI. Oh, and … Continue reading

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A Gun In The Hand, Is Worth Two In The Safe!

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Gun Control! The more things change, the more they stay the same.  All my shooting life there have been those who’ve clamored for more and tighter gun control and the one common denominator that has clung tightly to the combined … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Gunshot Wounds

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Let’s talk about gun shot wounds, shall we?  So you want your fiction to be believable, but you don’t want it to be so graphic that it will turn your readership off.  You want to strike that balance that gives … Continue reading

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Hollywood Wants You To Believe You Can’t Hide!

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Starting out, I have to say I’m a sucker for the Jason Bourne movies.  I just love the pace and the action and the fantasy elements concerning the capabilities of our government to track individuals around the world, real time. … Continue reading

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Gun Fiction, Facts vs Myths: What a Professional Would Do!

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Literature and film are filled with silliness when it comes to what supposed “professionals” do or don’t do when faced with “do-or-die” situations.  In past installments, we’ve explored death and dying, gun nomenclature and firearms related myths.  Now, it’s time … Continue reading

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