I’m a retired Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Former Chief of Police.

Former Director of Security of a multi-national corporation that will remain nameless.

Currently a registered oncology nurse (I will someday decide what I want to do with my life when I grow up!)

Husband to Noreen, father to Lesley, Ashley and Rachel.

Avid fisherman and outdoorsman.

My debut novel:  “The Long-Shooters,” is available through “Solstice Publishing” or Amazon. Check out more here.

Please leave a comment if you’d care to.  This site is for writers and people who love the outdoors for “EVERY” reason.  Tree huggers and hunters welcome.



19 Responses to About

  1. Mark says:

    You forgot to mention that you’re one of the best and fastest shots I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot.

  2. Thanks so much for this website! It’s a great help to authors who have not served in law enforcement but want to write fiction about crime.

  3. It sounds like you have had a very rich and rewarding life, thus far! By the way, I like your blog a lot too! 🙂

    • Joel, thanks for the compliments. I’ve done a few things and have a few left to do. Heck, I’ve even been in a band that opened for a couple of fairly well known recording artists back in the late 70s. I’m sort of a high energy old fart! If you have any suggestions for the blog or if there’s any topic you’d like to see covered, drop a note and let me know. I’m all about authenticity in fiction since fiction doesn’t mean fake. Also, I’m all about helping people be safer in their personal lives, hence the blogs on safety and personal security.

      Thanks again.


  4. Robert Ledford says:

    Read your debut novel that I purchased on Amazon and enjoyed it tremendously. Hope you write another of the same genre in the near future. There aren’t many good western writers out there anymore.

  5. Cmixgeek says:

    I enjoyed your novel, The Long Shooters, much more than I’d expected to, considering I don’t read a lot of westerns. Your sense of setting and the use of the long gun, as opposed to the usual six shooter, was a nice change. The unexpected mystery/quasi-police procedural aspect of the story was a great surprise. My forte is more in dialog and characterization and I was a little confused about your primary audience for the book – did it originate as a Young Adult read? I reviewed it at guerillabookworm.com and brought up some of these questions in the review. Thanks for the summer read!

  6. MR Graham says:

    I sort of love this blog. I’ve been shooting since I was old enough to be knocked over by a .30-06, but a lot of the terminology was stuff that I just never learned. Your posts will be very helpful, I think.
    And I’ll definitely be finding a copy of The Long Shooters.

  7. Dan I am working on my debut novel and need some insight on police procedure. Would you have time to answer a few questions? If so, pls respond to kperesta53@yahoo.com. My protagonist is a single mom who has acquired a stalker and a sales mgr from hell, both of which are threatening her. I have questions along these lines…thx! Enjoy your tweets, you are an upstanding American!

  8. I’m surfing the internet and accidentally end up here :O
    Now I’m thinking of continuing my “old made up story” which I abandoned a few years ago… #DanTheMan

  9. Hi Dan, I finished my ms and appreciate the insights you gave. I also saw your tweet about your editor, and sent him a query per his guidelines. You suggested Solstice, but after visiting their site I dont think we are a fit. My question is..I have already heard back from Duke Pennell and want you to decipher what he said since you know him! Pls email me at your convenience! Or reply on my blog, kerryperesta.com. Happy writing!

  10. Richard Eskite says:

    I’ve been enjoying the Longshooters as an Audible book. I’ve done a little black powder long range shooting myself and find your realistic depiction of firearms of the period very refreshing. So many authors just don’t get the details right, or wallow in unnecessary detail. You provide enough information to keep the plot moving and depict the characters, but not any more than is appropriate. Well struck balance, sir.

    What causes me to get in touch is Ballou’s Stevens muzzleloading slug gun. I have looked around quite a bit and have not been able to find any historic reference to a Stevens muzzleloader. Since there are so many well documented long range rifles of that era, your choice of Stevens as such a pivotal element seems significant. Can you elaborate a bit? I even checked with Gail Shuttleworth of CPA Corporation, a long time manufacturer of very high quality reproductions of Stevens single shot firearms and she hadn’t heard of any, either.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be looking for your next book.

  11. hacking says:

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