Authors, Why Death Scenes Often Suck!


I’m no longer a cop. I’ve retired.  Instead of rushing to a death scene and investigating it, now as a nurse with a close association with Hospice, I often have to watch people die, literally before my eyes.  I suppose it’s a curse that now, when I watch television or read a novel, I’m highly critical about how death is portrayed in those media.  It’s so seldom based on reality, that I fear even our most popular writers and directors have a fairy-tale romance with the fantasy of death.

Let’s talk about violent death first.  In literally dozens of cases where I was present when people who were fatally injured just happened to expire, I was struck by how slow the process actually was in relation to how it’s often portrayed.  Yes, I’m talking about vehicular accidents, as most victims of violent crime have expired long before the police arrive…

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Former Chief of Police. Former Special Agent, AFOSI (Retired). Former Director of Security of multi-national corporation. Currently, Registered Nurse. Father Husband Outdoorsman
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