A Gun In The Hand, Is Worth Two In The Safe!


Gun Control! The more things change, the more they stay the same.  All my shooting life there have been those who’ve clamored for more and tighter gun control and the one common denominator that has clung tightly to the combined thread of repeated nonsense has been that the framers of the Constitution never envisioned machine guns when they crafted the 2nd Amendment.  This is pure horse crap.

It’s not that they never envisioned AR-15 assault rifles, but rather, they never envisioned future countrymen forced to fight against AR-15 assault rifles while armed only with muskets!

The photo that accompanies this essay illustrates my point precisely.  The revolvers depicted are representative of the state of the art in personal armament in the mid 1800s, long after the framers wrote the 2nd Amendment. The blue one is an 1851 Navy pistol in .36 caliber, while the silver one is an 1860 Army pistol in .44 caliber (it’s actually a .45 caliber but non-gunners and liberals would have no way of knowing this because  historically, it’s known as a .44).

The framers of the Constitution never envisioned such deadly instruments of warfare in the 1780s, and had one side or the other been armed with them against those who only wielded the large caliber single shot muskets with which the Revolutionary War had been fought, the ensuing slaughter would have been the stuff of nightmares.  But the framers didn’t have to envision such “future” instruments of war – primitive as they are by today’s standards.  When they crafted the 2nd Amendment, they didn’t use language that would limit the arms carried by future countrymen, expecting that everyone who could afford to, would be adequately armed with the weapons representative of that which would exist at the time of future conflict.

The reasons for a man or woman to be armed on the frontier of the 1700s are exactly the same reasons one need consider arming today.  The threats against good people are no less great today than they were at a time when nearly constant daily struggle faced those willing to make a home in a hostile place – against the dictates of a king and his willing army.  If  you think I’m kidding, try to be a person forced to live or work in parts of Chicago where shootings occur at a rate of five or more a day and murders at three or more a week!  People, a tally like that makes existence in historic Deadwood look like a day at the spa!

I often use the following line in conversation:  Sam Colt did not perfect the revolver to give the strong man an edge, but to give the weak man a chance.  The same applies in a less “gender” specific manner.  If anti-gunners have their way, I’m sure rapists will have greater empathy for their victims knowing that they have been disarmed.  If you think that comment is just a bit of humor, I have to tell you it’s really an expression of the greatest disgust I can manifest for the thought processes of people for whom logic has vanished.

There are those who don’t believe the United States of America will ever again enslave its people; that weapons of war have no place in the hands of ordinary citizens and that only the police and the military can be trusted to possess such terrible arms.  Nearly every day, police officers are exposed violating their authority, using unnecessary force and in frequent cases, wounding or killing innocents.  Having largely spent my adult life in law enforcement, I can tell you I’m mightily troubled by what seems to be the attitude of “Us Against Them,” by police across the country.  Hopefully, this is balanced by officers who are possessed with a greater understanding of what the term “Public Servant” means.  But only time will tell.  A police force that would participate in the disarming of honest citizens would constitute a “Domestic Enemy” in my vernacular.

So, that brings us finally to the Federal Government.  Have we ever seen an administration so quick and so willing to use questionable Presidential authority, over the legislative processes that were designed to balance power among the three branches of our government? Thankfully, President Obama doesn’t yet have the power that I’m certain – based on his words and actions – he and his followers would love for him to have.  One of the only things keeping him or someone like him from obtaining that power, are good and honest citizens willing to – and equipped to – refuse it!


About danielchamberlain

Former Chief of Police. Former Special Agent, AFOSI (Retired). Former Director of Security of multi-national corporation. Currently, Registered Nurse. Father Husband Outdoorsman
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One Response to A Gun In The Hand, Is Worth Two In The Safe!

  1. As long as mankind exists, power will corrupt, evil will exist and ordinary citizens need to be able to defend themselves.

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