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Once Upon a Time, Never Was!

One of America’s most famous and popular horror writers was alleged to have been semi-embroiled in an honest-to-gosh murder mystery.  Edgar Allen Poe gained fame while still a relatively young man for his poetry and short stories.  We know him … Continue reading

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Personal Security 101

  “If you should, on some summer’s eve, catch a glimpse of shadow cast upon the dewy grass, impatient youth, don’t venture far from light and sound and home. For, if you wander in the night and pass the place where shadows … Continue reading

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Guns and Roses…or Daisies or Garden Fresh Tomatoes

Collecting, shooting and writing about firearms is one of my favorite hobbies.   But not everyone is a “gun” person and not everyone wants one in the home.  I’ve found, however, many people who actually profess a dislike for firearms are … Continue reading

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